Cluster after repair
Cluster after repair

BMW E38, E39, X5 and M5 Instrument cluster repair, lifetime warranty

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Cluster Loaner [+$49.99]
Chrome Trims [+$49.99]
Brushed Aluminum Trims [+$49.99]
Red Needles [+$39.95]
Orange Needles [+$39.95]
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BMW E38, E39, X5 and M5 Professional Instrument Cluster Display Repair Services, Lifetime Warranty.

"one day service guaranteed"
Having trouble with pixels on your instrument cluster? Missing pixels or dark spots or even "not readable" LCD?

Repairing Your cluster is the fastest, easiest and most economic way to eliminate all these issues once and for all.
Buying another used cluster can cause your BMW to malfunction in number of areas and it may not work properly. A used cluster will also trigger the "tamper light",
which is an indication of tampering with the mileage of your BMW.
A re manufactured cluster can cost as high as $1000 and another $200 to have it programmed and installed.
With our repair services, you do not need to take your car to a dealer to get it programmed. It's all plug and play, no specific tools needed.
We have done thousands of BMW speedometer repairs worldwide and are very proud to have the best customer satisfaction rating in our industry.
Our repair are backed by a lifetime warranty, for as long as you own your car.
All you need to do is just send us your cluster and we will repair it and make sure everything is working 100% perfect and will ship it back to you in one day or less.


Our repair includes:

  • Replacement of cable ribbon,
  • Replace all bad and burnt out back lighting and LEDs,
  • Clean and remove any dust and residue inside the cluster,
  • Polish the clear lens cover,
  • Lifetime warranty for as long as you own your car,
  • Shipping and packaging your speedometer cluster back to you.


Repair is offered for following models:


1995 - 2001  740i, 740iL, 750i, 750iL


1996 - 2003  525i, 528i, 528it, 530i, 540i, 540it and M5

1999 - 2006  X5  3.0i, 4.4i, 4.6is, 4.8is.

Call us with any questions, a live person will answer, (510) 490-6700

Cluster loaner program:
It is not recommended to drive you Bimmer without a instrument cluster. If you need to drive your Bimmer while the cluster is out,
this is an excellent service. After ordering this service, we will send you a "temp" cluster which you can install on your BMW right after
you removed yours. Drive your car as normal and once we sent you your own original cluster back, simply just ship it back to us. 
This service is $49.95 and includes shipping it to you.

Instrument cluster brushed aluminum or chrome trim rings:
This option is a very unique and simple touch. Adding the brushed aluminum or chrome rings around the 4 gauge displays will change
the cluster look from a simple boring to defined and outlined dials. It will bring the shape of cluster out. 
This service can be installed while your cluster is being repaired and cost $49.99. There are no other fees involved.


Instrument cluster Red or Orange Needle pointers:

Really a huge difference, nice and defined and much more visible. They are "translucent" and they are the same color night and day.
We do not use paint or "nail Polish", Original material for this purpose only.
Red or orange needle pointers can be done at the same time as repair and will not effect timing at all. They can be added for $39.95 and no other fees .


Payment options:

  • Order online and pay through our secure website (, PayPal or ....); 
  • Enclose a check with you package;
  • Just send the cluster and we will call you before shipping it back to you.

Send your cluster to:

41911 Albrae Street

Fremont, CA 94538

For questions please call (925) 400-3174

Customer Reviews
outstanding service
 I just found the best friend for my BMW, bimmeronly took care of my car including my cluster. it is great. Thanks guys for such a great service.
 Reviewed by:  Alex gorban from San Francisco. on 11/14/2011
Great work, big difference
 Thank you bimmeronly for such a quick and professional service. I am very pleased with outcome and will refer you to all BMW owners. Thanks again and talk to you soon

Reviewed by:  Alex Julian from Las Vegas, nv. on 8/5/2011


5 Stars
Cluster repair
Thank you bimmeronly for such a wonderful service. You guys are 5 star all the way:)
Reviewed by:  from Chicago, IL. on 7/17/2013
5 Stars
pixel repair
Very accurate and fast service, outstanding results. Very reasonable cost. 5 star service all the way. Thanks
Reviewed by:  from Pleasanton, CA. on 8/28/2013
5 Stars
Pixel repair
Extremely great service by bimmeronly Price, service, speed and reliability, definitely a 5 star all the way. Very pleased, thanks
Reviewed by:  from Santa Ana, Ca. on 8/21/2013
5 Stars
Speedometer Repair
Very reliable and professional. Fast service. My cluster now looks as good as new. Thanks
Reviewed by:  from Sam Antonio TX. on 8/19/2013
5 Stars
Very nice and fast service
very professional and om time service, my cluster is as good as new. all the dark spots and dead pixels are gone. mow i can read my cluster and i am enjoying my car much more. thanks
Reviewed by:  from Miami, Florida. on 7/19/2013
5 Stars
Cluster repair
I have a 96 740il with very low miles (less than 30k) and the car is in absolute mint condition except for the cluster gauges and radio. I did not trust anybody but our local BMW dealer. After I talked to them they wanted to charge me over $1500 to fix the problem. At this point I talked to bimmeronly and I figured worst case I'll go back to dealer and pay the money. I had my cluster overnigh to them on Tuesday and got it back on Thursday ( I paid extra for to overnight it back to me as well). I had the dealer install it back and they thought I bought a cluster from another dealer, as good as brand new. Everything was perfect. I am very happy with price, speed and quality of work. I highly recommend bimmeronly to everyone. Thank you
Reviewed by:  from St Luis . on 11/9/2013
5 Stars
cluster repair
What a great experience, very precise. It looks perfect and I feel alot better knowing what is going on with my car. Thank you for being a pro
Reviewed by:  from bend, oregon. on 10/23/2013
5 Stars
2002 M5
this is a very good service for the money. I got my cluster back in less than 4 days and it is as good as new. Thank you bimmeronly
Reviewed by:  from Omaha, Nebraska. on 11/2/2013
5 Stars
Somehow my dash cluster got placed on a desk and didn't get mailed back as promptly as it could have - so I had a couple extra days of waiting. BUT - when it did arrive, it looked brand new! Polished lens. Plugged right back in a looks better than new! Love it. Great work! Highly recommended!!!
Reviewed by:  from Utah. on 5/13/2019
5 Stars
Owner 2001 BMW M5
Waited too long to write this review, please accept my apologies. I mailed my faulty 2001 BMW e39 M5 instrument cluster to Bimmeronly on 09/07/2018 and had it back in my hands 7 days later - *best part is it works like new;* I can read every pixel and now know my mileage for the first time in 6 years. These guys know their stuff, actually communicate with the client and deliver what the promise. OUTSTANDING is how I would refer to Bimmeronly and I won't hesitate to refer people and use them again! *****Thank you Bimmeronly*****
Reviewed by:  from Carlsbad, California. on 12/13/2018
5 Stars
Excellent work, sent the unit off in a questionable state. It came back looking and working like new. I will make sure to send them more work. Very happy.
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 5/6/2018
5 Stars
BMW Master Tech
These guys did a fantastic job. I spoke with Ceaser and he knows his stuff. The cluster came back looking like new. All the details were addressed, I have a few other older cars I’m going to restore and this is where I’ll be sending anything that needs to be refurbished. I’m sending the On Board Computer panel out next.
Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 4/26/2018
5 Stars
This is a delicate part of many BMW's which unfortunately is prone to LCD contact failure due to heat and vibration. The $199 price to fix it with a lifetime warranty is a better option than buying a new console for $500 to $700. Additionally, the chrome ring upgrade looks fabulous. My unit initially had lots of dead pixels and it came back working better with intermittent pixels. I sent it back and the warranty repair was accepted without question. The unit came back solid and operating perfectly. I can strongly recommend their service.
Reviewed by:  from Las Vegas Nevada. on 3/7/2018
5 Stars
This is the second E39 instrument cluster I have had repaired. Both time quick turn around and excellent service. Looks and performs just like new. On the most recent repair I had the upgrade to chrome trim and orange needles. Looks great! A friend turned me on to this service a few years ago after having her E39 cluster repaired with great results.
Reviewed by:  from Virginia, USA. on 11/9/2017
5 Stars
E39 Pixel Repair
Fast, reliable and cheap!! I was hesitant about sending my cluster across the country, but it was totally worth it! When I reinstalled my cluster with upgraded orange needles I was shocked how good it looked. Customer service is outstanding as well, any questions, comments or concerns CALL CEASER!! He is awesome and helped me out with a silly mistake I made. Will recommend and re use this service!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New York, USA. on 7/25/2017
5 Stars
Cluster pixel repair
Fast,professional, and excellent work. I enjoy looking at my info display again! Thanks a bunch! A+++++
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from North Carolina. on 7/17/2017
5 Stars
Purchased our 2003 X5 Used a few years ago but with less than 60,000 miles on it. A few minor common issues to fix. One warning light was on, previous Owner agreed to pay for at least half of repair cost, turned out to be a $50 fix. A few maintenance items over the years but all minor and we figured we had made a good find! Being very particular the thing that bugged me was the pixels. I didnt want to spend $1000 plus until we knew the car was a keeper and even then it seemed like robbery. I researched, a lot, and ultimately ordered a pixel ribbon and watched the 3 minute repair on YouTube. What no one tells you is its impossible to open the clam-shell to get to the repair stage. I believe Im above average handy but it was more than I was willing to risk. When I found this service I was elated. I paid ahead but it took quite a while until I could have my vehicle out of service while being fixed so I called and they said no problem include the slip and they would take care of it. I sent it knowing it would not arrive there until late Monday. so similar return I expected Friday or Monday. I received several notices, it arrived, it was being sent, please review, it was delivered. All back by Thursday morning and I installed it last night. Works perfectly and all brilliant pixels. Only slight disappointment is the gas light is on, but that's on ME the talk is empty! The great news is I can see the 60,000 miles is accurate! haha THANKS YOU for the great service and communication!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Seattle. on 6/9/2017
5 Stars
I ordered the cluster repair service. My information display was useless due to so many pixels not working. I shipped the cluster out (the videos on the site helped with removal and installation), and had it back in just a few days.. The cluster works perfect!! No problems at all!
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. on 5/16/2017
5 Stars
Cluster repair
I purchased my 2001 740 a little over a year ago and the led's on the instrument cluster were in terrible shape. I couldn't read the mileage and didn't know what the other fields might be telling me. I shipped it to Bimmeronly and now it looks and works great. I opted for the red needles and chrome trim rings, a nice addition. I also noticed another benefit, my smart phone GPS had never worked well, constantly loosing satellite connection, almost unusable. Since the repair, it works perfectly. Evidently the defective LED's were emitting a frequency that interfered with my phone's GPS capability! The repair is definitely worth the money.
Reviewed by:  from Blairsville. on 5/5/2017
4 Stars
Another Saved Cluster
Overall, I'm satisfied with the repair. Cluster was repaired in a week and returned with a total down time of about 10-days. Looks excellent! My only complaint is there is a promise of polishing the plastic bezel, which didn't happen (looks the same as when I shipped it). When you're paying more for the service than others are offering, every extra counts. That said, provide what is promised.
Reviewed by:  from Powell, Ohio. on 1/27/2017

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