About Us

          Bimmer only was established in San Francisco Bay Area in March of 2008.
Our primary service was BMW electronics repair, such as Instrument clusters
and MID radio repairs for selected BMW models.

Due to high demand, we started bimmeronly.com in October of 2010 and
after a short period of time, we managed to extend our services to
our customers worldwide.

We have been recognized in numerous sites as a leader in BMW repair services
also as a great source for do-it-yourself parts.
We are adding more products and services very frequently and as of now, we are
offering electronics repair on more than 50 BMW models, radios
for newer 3 series, navigation displays and ABS modules to name a few.

Our primary goal is 100% satisfied customers, we have implemented very intense
regulation within our company to make sure we achieve that.
Regulations such as "one day service", "fast and reliable shipping", "lifetime warranty"
and "competitive pricing" are some of the key ingredients of our success.
Having 100% satisfied customers since we started Bimmer Only and bimmeronly.com
is a very good indication of being on the right track. 

We are focused on your feedback and suggestions, as always, we will never stop improving our services
and customer service practices.

Thank you for visiting.