2006-2010 BMW 650i (E63 and E64)

Here are some common repairs and maintenance for 2006 to 2010 BMW 650i (E63 and E64):
    Oil and Safety Service: $89.99 for all six cylinder engines and $99.99 for all V8 engines, full synthetic motor oil, designed for BMW engines. We use PENTOSIN high performance full synthetic, fully approved by BMW approval: LL-01. Bosch filter kit and new oil plug washer included.
    • Oil and safety service: every 10,000 miles or 12 months on model years 1999 to 2013 and 7,500 miles or 9 months on 2014 and newer. The Oil and Safety Service includes: 
        • Oil and filter change
        • Checking all fluid and top off if necessary
        • Brakes wear and condition,
        • Wiper blades check 
        • Drive belts
        • Hoses
        • Leak check
        • Tires condition
        • Function check, power windows, door locks, moon roof operation, etc..
        • Suspension parts
        • Warning lights  
      • Transmission service: Complete transmission service $549.95: This service includes transmission drain and clean (3 stage process), new pan with gasket and filter (plastic transmission pan all in one), and BMW transmission fluid. Transmission service will improve the gas mileage, increases the power and extends the transmission life. This service is suggested for BMW cars with 100,000 or more miles.
      • Complete diagnosis and inspection: This service includes complete computer scan with detailed report of overall health and condition of your BMW. Any issues such as a bad bulb all the way to engine performance can be evaluated and corrected. Visual inspection along with checking all functions inside and outside the cabin. The inspection cost is $149.95 and it will be waived if we perform any repair/maintenance services of over $180.00 or more. 
      • Brake service: Starting from $450.00 per axle. This service includes brake pads, rotors and brake pad sensor.
      • Brake flush service: Brake flush service is recommended to service brake fluid every 25000 miles or 2 years, Brake flush will increase the life of components such as brake calipers and better brake performance. Complete flush and 2.2 brake fluid $139.99
      • Coolant service: Coolant service is also recommended every 2 years or 25000 miles or as needed. Original BMW coolant is the only coolant that will work perfectly with the cooling system. Coolant replacement service can be done while you wait, $149.95
      • Smoking engines: Very common issue with n62 engines. It can start as early as 50,000 miles. There are no indication in the dash, no codes or faults are present. White smoke coming out of the tail pipe and it can get very thick time to time. The problem is with the valve stems. Valve stems are on the bottom of each valve and as the valves travel up and down, oil will sip right through the stems. They get dry and hard and loos elasticity and do not seal the valve properly. There are 32 of them (4 per cylinder) and they need to be replaced. Normal repair is to remove the engine and dis-assemble the heads and start replacing them one at a time. It is a very hard and labor intensive procedure. BMW dealer charges anywhere from $12,000-$16,000 (depending on the service writer!!) and it be about 45 labor hours. We have a better solution, Replacing the valve stems without removing the engine or dis-assembling the engine. Our special tools and knowledge allow us to do this job in about one forth of the time and with minimum parts. At bimmeronly, this repair costs about $3,000.00 and way less down time. 

    "prices do not include taxes", M series are extra