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BMW E38, E39, X5 and M5 Instrument cluster repair, lifetime warranty

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  BMW E38, E39, X5 and M5 Instrument cluster repair, lifetime warranty
Cluster after repair
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Upgrade Options Chrome Trims [+$49.99]
Brushed Aluminum Trims [+$49.99]
White Gauges Insert [+$99.99]
Grey Gauges Inserts [+$99.99]
Cluster Loaner [+$49.99]
Orange Needles [+$39.95]
Red Needles [+$39.95]
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BMW E38, E39, X5 and M5 Professional Instrument Cluster Display Repair Services, Lifetime Warranty.

"one day service guaranteed"
Having trouble with pixels on your instrument cluster? Missing pixels or dark spots or even "not readable" LCD?

Repairing Your cluster is the fastest, easiest and most economic way to eliminate all these issues once and for all.
Buying another used cluster can cause your BMW to malfunction in number of areas and it may not work properly. A used cluster will also trigger the "tamper light",
which is an indication of tampering with the mileage of your BMW.
A re manufactured cluster can cost as high as $1000 and another $200 to have it programmed and installed.
With our repair services, you do not need to take your car to a dealer to get it programmed. It's all plug and play, no specific tools needed.
We have done thousands of BMW speedometer repairs worldwide and are very proud to have the best customer satisfaction rating in our industry.
Our repair are backed by a lifetime warranty, for as long as you own your car.
All you need to do is just send us your cluster and we will repair it and make sure everything is working 100% perfect and will ship it back to you in one day or less.


Our repair includes:

  • Replacement of cable ribbon,
  • Replace all bad and burnt out back lighting and LEDs,
  • Clean and remove any dust and residue inside the cluster,
  • Polish the clear lens cover,
  • Lifetime warranty for as long as you own your car,
  • Shipping and packaging your speedometer cluster back to you.


Repair is offered for following models:


1995 - 2001  740i, 740iL, 750i, 750iL


1996 - 2003  525i, 528i, 528it, 530i, 540i, 540it and M5

1999 - 2006  X5  3.0i, 4.4i, 4.6is, 4.8is.

Call us with any questions, a live person will answer, (510) 490-6700

Cluster loaner program:
It is not recommended to drive you Bimmer without a instrument cluster. If you need to drive your Bimmer while the cluster is out,

this is an excellent service. After ordering this service, we will send you a "temp" cluster which you can install on your BMW right after

you removed yours. Drive your car as normal and once we sent you your own original cluster back, simply just ship it back to us.
This service is $49.95 and includes shipping it to you.

Instrument cluster brushed aluminum or chrome trim rings:
This option is a very unique and simple touch. Adding the brushed aluminum or chrome rings around the 4 gauge displays will change

the cluster look from a simple boring to defined and outlined dials. It will bring the shape of cluster out.
This service can be installed while your cluster is being repaired and cost $49.99. There are no other fees involved.


Instrument cluster with custom color Faces:

Really a huge difference  White, grey, (red and yellow are special order and may take an extra day longer than usual)instrument faces are installed
on to of existing black ones and it is illuminated the same way as original faces. This option is only for appearance and has no effect on performance
of your cluster. It also can be removed at anytime with no damage caused to cluster.
Color faces can be installed at the same time as repair and will not effect timing at all and can be added for $99.95 and no other fees .


Payment options:

  • Order online and pay through our secure website (, PayPal or ....); 
  • Enclose a check with you package;
  • Just send the cluster and we will call you before shipping it back to you.

Send your cluster to:

41911 Albrae Street

Fremont, CA 94538

For questions please call (925) 400-3174

Customer Reviews
outstanding service
 I just found the best friend for my BMW, bimmeronly took care of my car including my cluster. it is great. Thanks guys for such a great service.
 Reviewed by:  Alex gorban from San Francisco. on 11/14/2011
Great work, big difference
 Thank you bimmeronly for such a quick and professional service. I am very pleased with outcome and will refer you to all BMW owners. Thanks again and talk to you soon

Reviewed by:  Alex Julian from Las Vegas, nv. on 8/5/2011


Customer Reviews View All Reviews
Rating Cluster repair
Thank you bimmeronly for such a wonderful service. You guys are 5 star all the way:)
Reviewed by:  from Chicago, IL. - 7/17/2013
Rating pixel repair
Very accurate and fast service, outstanding results. Very reasonable cost. 5 star service all the way. Thanks
Reviewed by:  from Pleasanton, CA. - 8/28/2013
Rating Pixel repair
Extremely great service by bimmeronly Price, service, speed and reliability, definitely a 5 star all the way. Very pleased, thanks
Reviewed by:  from Santa Ana, Ca. - 8/21/2013
Rating Speedometer Repair
Very reliable and professional. Fast service. My cluster now looks as good as new. Thanks
Reviewed by:  from Sam Antonio TX. - 8/19/2013
Rating Very nice and fast service
very professional and om time service, my cluster is as good as new. all the dark spots and dead pixels are gone. mow i can read my cluster and i am enjoying my car much more. thanks
Reviewed by:  from Miami, Florida. - 7/19/2013
Rating Cluster repair
I have a 96 740il with very low miles (less than 30k) and the car is in absolute mint condition except for the cluster gauges and radio. I did not trust anybody but our local BMW dealer. After I talked to them they wanted to charge me over $1500 to fix the problem. At this point I talked to bimmeronly and I figured worst case I'll go back to dealer and pay the money. I had my cluster overnigh to them on Tuesday and got it back on Thursday ( I paid extra for to overnight it back to me as well). I had the dealer install it back and they thought I bought a cluster from another dealer, as good as brand new. Everything was perfect. I am very happy with price, speed and quality of work. I highly recommend bimmeronly to everyone. Thank you
Reviewed by:  from St Luis . - 11/9/2013
Rating cluster repair
What a great experience, very precise. It looks perfect and I feel alot better knowing what is going on with my car. Thank you for being a pro
Reviewed by:  from bend, oregon. - 10/23/2013
Rating 2002 M5
this is a very good service for the money. I got my cluster back in less than 4 days and it is as good as new. Thank you bimmeronly
Reviewed by:  from Omaha, Nebraska. - 11/2/2013
Rating OWNER
Reviewed by:  from BODFISH, CA. - 1/13/2015
Rating Job well done!
Cluster was promptly returned to me in as new condition. I could not be happier! I recommend it to anyone and everyone with the BMW pixel issue! My e39 M5 now feels renewed!
Reviewed by:  from Austin, Texas USA. - 12/26/2014
Rating failed fast
My cluster was returned promptly and working unfortunately pixels failed within a week. It is warrantied but it will still cost me to ship it and have the car down again while it is being fixed.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from wilmington nc. - 9/30/2014
Rating Cluster repair
I have had two BMWs that have had malfunctioning pixels on the instrument cluster. In both instances I have used bimmeronly for the repair and have been very satisfied with the service and turn around time of the repair. I would definitely recommend bimmeronly
Reviewed by:  from Dallas, TX. - 9/6/2014
Rating 2000 E38 Instrument cluster repair
Don't even hesitate to have BimmerOnly carry out this repair!! Cluster looks brand new, and a really fast turn around! I own a BMW repair shop, my customer was very impressed!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Battle Ground, WA. - 8/26/2014
Rating 2003 BMW M5 repair service
Well, they are pretty good at what they do. I sent in my cluster for repair and it was back in no time. After about 3 months, I noticed there was a line flickering and eventually went dead. I called and talked to Amir and he immediately emailed me a shipping label. I sent the cluster for second time and it was repaired with new parts (LCD was bad). It did not cost me a dime and I had almost a brand new cluster. By reading the reviews I am sure that it will not go bad again and even if it does, they are behind their work and honor the lifetime warranty, unlike most repair service facilities. Thank you for your professional services. Joeseph
Reviewed by:  from beverly hills, CA. - 8/15/2014
Rating My 2003 BMW 540i
This people are awesome. looks brand new for a fraction of cost at dealership. easy installation and no programming needed!! very pleased
Reviewed by:  from burbank, CA. - 8/13/2014
Rating BMW Repair Shop Owner
I used to go to few different places to get my clusters repaired, some of them less cost here. But, I never had a company that does it so well and so fast as For my business, paying a few extra dollars is alot better than getting a cluster back after 2 weeks and have poor repair done for my customers and make me look bad. I am bimmeronly customer for life and very happy with the way they conduct business. I see they have nothing but 100% and I know why, they do whatever it takes to keep customers 100% happy. Very professional and outstanding service. Peter Hillsdale German auto services
Reviewed by:  from Florida. - 8/4/2014
Rating BMW instrumental cluster repair
I had sent my cluster to another guy in Los Angeles area (German Audio Tech), what a mistake. He destroyed my cluster but the pixels were fine for a few weeks and after, they started to fade again, not to mention i got it back after 18 days! When I called him back, he was very rude and hung up on me. I ended up calling my bank and file a dispute and finally got my money back. Then I found these guys and called them on the phone. I was very pleased with the way they handled all my questions. The other guy in Los Angeles messed up all my gauges and needles, none of the were working properly. I sent in my cluster to bimmeronly and git it back in a few days (not even a week) and everything was as good as new. they adjusted all the gauges to exactly what they were when new and did not charge me anything extra. I am extremely happy and would recommend them 110%. you want good service, call them up. Cheers
Reviewed by:  from Ogden, Utah. - 8/1/2014
Rating M5 pixel repair
If you have an issue with pixels on your dash, "DON'T BE A FOOL" and go to these other guys you see online. They probably working out of their garage or something. I had a very bad experience with my other BMW, just wanted to save a few dollars. I has some missing lines right after when I installed my dash back. After more than 10 attempts, I finally got the hold of them (he sounded like an 16 year old young man). He asked me to send it in again and there may be extra charge to do the repair again, wtf, I just paid you! I ended up selling the other BMW and I got my m5 about a month ago. I sent it to bimmeronly and it took them no time to send it back to me, considering international shipping, I think they did the repair in the airplane,lol. Nice and clean, perfect working condition, as if I just bought it from BMW dealer. Very very good and reliable people. highly recommended
Reviewed by:  from Alberta, Canada. - 7/30/2014
Rating X5 cluster
great company to work with. very knowledgable and freindly. I am very happy thank you all
Reviewed by:  from New york. - 7/22/2014
Rating 2001 BMW M5 cluster repair
Sent it in on monday and had it back by Friday, as good as new. very nice people. They also have the video to show you how to remove your cluster and save you another few dollars and DIY. Outstanding service. I recommend them to everyone. FIVE STAR is low for this company. Thank you bimmeronly and keep up the good work
Reviewed by:  from Dallas TX. - 7/16/2014
Questions and Answers View all Q&A
Q: Does the repair changes the mileage on my speedometer?
Asked by: Harold - 10/16/2013 (Submit an answer)
A: No, all we do is replacing the display parts and we do not change any information stored in your cluster
Was this answer helpful?    10 of 10 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Amir V (11/16/2013)
Q: If i purchase the instrumental.How do you program the instrument cluster for 2003 bmw x5 3.0?
Asked by: angela - 11/17/2013 (Submit an answer)
A: You are not buying another cluster, This is a repair service. It is very expensive to replace your cluster with another one and almost impossible to program it to your car, if you get a used one. If you send us your cluster, we will do the repair and it would be 100% perfect with lifetime warranty.

Was this answer helpful?    7 of 7 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Amir Voss (11/18/2013)
Q: Can I drive my car without cluster in it?
Asked by: Erick Anderson - 11/2/2013 (Submit an answer)
A: It is not a good idea. Your cluster does much more than just gauges and dials. It sends signal to your transmission, ABS module and your main computer (DME)to name a few. Transmission performs based on info from your cluster. If it is not getting proper data, it can go into "safe mode". Also your ABS module can lose data and it would need to be reset with a scanner in order for it to work properly.
Was this answer helpful?    6 of 6 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Cesar (11/2/2013)
Q: How does this service work? Do you come and repair? or do I have to disassemble and send you the old instrument cluster?
Asked by: Jim - 11/28/2013 (Submit an answer)
A: If you are local you can go there and they will remove, repair and reinstall for you in less than an hour. If you are not local, you remove the cluster off your car and send it to them. They repair and refurbish your own cluster and send it back to you.
Was this answer helpful?    6 of 6 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Harold (12/5/2013)
Q: How do you program the instrument cluster?
Asked by: Angela - 11/17/2013 (Submit an answer)
A: If you take your cluster off the car and then after repair put it back in, there is no programming needed.
Was this answer helpful?    5 of 5 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
Answer provided by:  Amir Voss (11/18/2013)
Q: In what years and models will this cluster work ?
Asked by: Jim - 1/22/2014 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
Q: Will my mileage stay the same with this service?
Asked by: Patrick Owen - 4/15/2014 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
Q: I replaced my LED ribbon and it works great, however in the process I damaged my fuel gauge and my temperature gauge needle is not lined up properly after running the gauge test.Can you repair this cluster? I am in Sacramento area and hope to here from you. thanks John
Asked by: John - 5/10/2014 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
Q: is the instrument cluster for the 2001 540i new or refurbished, and are you local to the S.F. bay area?
Asked by: David - 9/19/2014 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
Q: I want to order a cluster repair for a 2000 M5 and upgrade to yellow faces but the web site does not allow me to choose yellow. How do I communicate that preference ?
Asked by: Mike Bohl - 11/23/2014 (Submit an answer)
No Answers have been submitted yet.
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